Proof of Funds Certification

Our Proof of Funds Certification tool helps Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) comply with the FATF’s international Travel Rule guidelines by providing access to important blockchain transaction information for customers and partners. We power regional and global AML compliance and operational continuity by enabling best-in-class blockchain transaction risk assessment

Proof of Funds (POF) Certification enables a person or entity to demonstrate ability to execute a specific cryptocurrency transaction with legitimate available funds

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Know Your Customer (KYC) Due Diligence Process

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Entity Risk Levels Screening

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Transaction Patterns Monitoring

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Sender Information Certificate

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Geo & Fund Source Assessment

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Potential Crypto-Crime Mitigation

How to get Proof of Funds Certificate

Amadeus team has developed a straightforward 2-steps process dedicated tool to obtain proof of funds certificate easily for free.

Onboard with a hyper-accurate verification flow that's built for efficiency, with ID&V bank-grade KYC in under a minute. Due diligence to assess risk levels and avoid handling the proceeds of crime.

Verify wallet ownership and provide transparent on-chain proof of assets which aim to ensure that on-chain holdings of cryptocurrencies are sufficient to complete a specific transaction.

Achieve automated AML/CFT and sanctions compliance checks and obtain verifiable proof of funds certificate. Download or share POF certificate with receiver.

2-steps mechanism:

  1. Onboard with our passwordless authentication that enables a secure yet seamless customer experience. No need to create an account or to remember your password. Simply enter your email address, receive your one-time password (OTP) by email then confirm the code to log in.
  2. Proceed with Know Your Customer (KYC) verification with our dynamic solution. Verify your identity through Government-issued ID card, driving license or passport and face match. Verification as simple as taking a selfie.
  3. Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliance screening is performed in less than a second with AI-powered identity verification solution and by mapping in real-time against exhaustive AML watchlists databases to flag high-risk identities.
  1. Connect your cryptocurrency wallet to Amadeus secured web3 onboard application in one-click. Compatible Ethereum wallets include: Metamask, MEW, as well as hardware wallets Ledger and Trezor for enhanced security.
  2. Select token to certify and sign on-chain token ownership proof to validate wallet ownership and provide transparent on-chain proof of holding of assets. Currently supported on Amadeus Proof of Funds Certification dedicated tool: Ethereum blockchain main ERC-20 stablecoins.
  3. Our solution analyzes and monitors blockchain transactions up to 100,000 hops in real-time to aid mitigating risk and assess accurate transaction risk level and origin of funds.
  4. Download your FREE Proof of Funds Certificate and share it with anyone to prove you are able to complete your cryptocurrency transaction with legitimate funds. As a receiver, verify document authenticity with QR-code.

Why Amadeus should be your first choice for a cryptocurrency Proof of funds solution

Backed by the experience of the Amadeus Group, our team of world-class analytics experts has developed the most algorithmically accurate and easy-to-use cryptocurrency proof of funds on the market right now. Our latest partnerships with Notabene and Shyft Network confirm this stance. Together, we work to help our users to transact with confidence.

FREE Proof of funds certification by Amadeus Analytics is a simplified dedicated tool for preparing cryptocurrency transactions derived from our extended travel rule compliance solution for VASPs. Learn more about travel rule compliance below.

Why choose Amadeus for Travel Rule compliance?

The travel rule compliance consists of three steps (for transactions >$1,000):

VASPs need to identify whether the counterparty the VASP's customer is interacting with is another VASP

If yes, they need to securely exchange and store the customer's information

They may need to generate a Travel Rule report, as needed

How does Amadeus Analytics power Travel Rule compliance?

Step 1: VASP-VASP Identification

Step 2: Secure information exchange

Step 3: Travel Rule report generation

What is the Travel Rule and why do I need to comply?

The FATF has established a list of guidelines and recommendations for VASPs to combat money laundering, terrorism financing, and proliferation financing in the crypto industry.

These guidelines — specifically the Travel Rule for cross-border transfers — are necessary to combat the potential use of cryptocurrencies for illicit activities and to make blockchain safer.

Who are the VASPs that need to comply with the Travel Rule?

Any legal person or business under FATF or G20 jurisdiction that conducts exchanges between virtual assets and fiat currencies, between one or more forms of virtual assets, transfer of virtual assets; safekeeping of virtual assets, or participation in (or provision of) indirect financial services.

Added to this, other international regions are implementing their own Travel Rule versions.

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Who counts as a VASP?

Crypto exchanges, banks, FIs, OTC desks, and hosted wallets. Find out if you should be covered for the Travel Rule implementation, and how to comply today.

How can we help? With the Amadeus analytics platform you can:

  • - Monitor crypto transactions and connections 24/7 in real-time
  • - Identify transaction owners and transaction patterns
  • - Observe customer connections for potential risk exposure
  • - Discover sender and recipient information & source of funds
  • - Create comprehensive reports with easy-to-read visualizations