Blockchain Investigations

Fraud, money laundering, and ransomware crimes using cryptocurrencies are on the rise. In 2021, our team has already been instrumental in helping to solve the JBS ransomware payment to REvil, the Pipeline payment to Darkside, the Binance takedown of cybercriminal ring FANCYCAT, and analysis of the Hamas donations campaign

What is our Investigations Service?

Our investigation team provides comprehensive cryptocurrency analysis and investigations to present reports to partners such as financial institutions, government agencies, and other linked enterprises.

  • We help identify and track illicit activities, like ransomware payments and show attribution.
  • We link pseudonymous blockchain transactions to real-world organizations, including exchanges, and mixer services, and reveal the real-world names of those entities in a user-friendly format.
  • We provide evidence for the legal pursuance of charges and LEA action.

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By combining digital forensics with traditional investigative techniques, we can:

Investigate transactions


Monitor wallets


Follow the money


Track and trace


Assist in legal cases

Our team has the expertise and data access to deliver exceptional analysis supporting a range of scenarios

  • Our Investigations service supports 98% coin coverage within the current digital asset landscape.
  • We adapt our services and provide support for each investigation as needed by the client.
  • We understand the utility of combining off-chain and onchain data for a more comprehensive view.
  • We prioritize confidentiality and security in all related investigative and reporting matters.
  • We provide expert witness testimony in judicial matters related to blockchain transaction analysis

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